Our little ranch in the city is located in Middle Georgia.  Since 2007, we have raised Goats and Rabbits - registered, breeders, for show and pets since 2007. Our Pygmy goats and Nigerian goats are registered, available for show and pets.  The rabbits we breed for sale are Mini-Rex, Flemish Giants, and New Zealands.  We do offer our goats and rabbits for sale as breeders, pets, and for show.  But we also strive to provide all the information you may need to learn about the Pygmy, Nigerian, Mini-Rex, Flemish Giants, New Zealand, Lops and Jersey Wooly breeds as a beginning rancher.  We feel the more educated you are at the beginning of your endeavor, the happier and healthier your goats and rabbits will be.





We have tried to make our website easy to use and have provided both goats and rabbits with their own For Sale page. Information on Nigerian goats and Pygmy goats are listed under the Goats page, while the Mini-Rex, Flemish Giants, and New Zealands are listed under the Rabbits page.  We sell our goats and rabbits year round.  We raise very happy, loved and healthy animals, so whether you are just looking for that new pet or are wanting registered Pygmy or Nigerian goats for breeding or show, look to us.



Please review our goats or rabbits discussion pages and if you have a question and can't find the answer on our site, we hope you will contact us by email or phone.  We are always willing to pass on information or advice we have.  And if you find another website that provides useful information about goats or rabbits that you think we should include or know about, please use our contact form and let us know.  We will work to get their site linked with ours, or add the information into our registered database for future viewers. 

Some of the services we offer at this website:

  • Numerous articles - health issues and disorders, breeding, and How-to's

             Pygmy & Nigerian goats, Mini-Rex, Flemish Giants, New Zealand rabbits

             Registered, pets, for sale, for breeding, for shows, and resources

  • A FAQ on goats and rabbits

             Registered breeding, show and other useful information.



We've always wanted to live in the country with lots of acres and open spaces, but with the price of land - it just wasn't affordable for us.  So we compromised and purchased a small home with an acre and half in the city,  but with a country feel.  Our little ranch began with the purchase of a few chickens. Just to enjoy watching them play and to have fresh eggs for us and our family.  Then one day, my brother brought us three pot belly pigs.  Little did I know how big they actually were.  From there we progressed to having rabbits, goats, and even horses.  Although we haven't kept every animal that has come into our home, our Pygmy and Nigerian goats have brought us cherished moments and have enriched our lives.

During our beginning, we found it very difficult to find answers to our questions about raising goats and rabbits.  There was not one website that had ALL the information we needed.  We had to search online at various sites, purchase separate books for Pygmy goats, Nigerian goats, and books on rabbits.  We asked questions from vets, friends, and people we just happened to run across that raised goats and rabbits.  We didn't know if our goats and rabbits should be registered or even how to get them registered.  We made some dumb decisions and plenty of mistakes.  But we learned from our experiences and through a lot of research we determined what animals we wanted to keep and how to take care of them.  Our goats and rabbits are part of our family.  They are loved and socialized as much as possible. We take their health and loving them very seriously and we hope you will too.